How to enable and use Windows 10 Game Bar and Game DVR

With Windows 10 Game Bar feature, users can record, stream, and screenshot game clips easily and directly from the game or app without using any external software. Recently Microsoft updated Windows 10, which makes the Game Bar swifter and easily accessible, and also added some more new features.

Here is how to enable and use the Windows 10 Game Bar

Steps to enable the Windows 10 Game Bar on your computer:

Although the Game Bar in your Windows PC is enabled by default, you can check and turn on it with the below steps.

1.    Launch the ‘Start menu’ on your computer.

2.    Click the ‘Cog’ icon and launch settings.

3.    From the settings menu, select ‘Gaming’ and click on ‘Game bar.’

4.    Ensure that the toggle key of the Game bar is turned on.

If it is already on then, you don’t need to do anything. You can check more customization option and hotkey available here.

How to use the Game Bar in games or apps on Windows 10 PC

•    To open the Game bar in Windows 10, press the ‘Windows + G’ button. Alternatively, press the ‘Xbox’ button if you’re connected with an Xbox controller.

•    When you hit the keys, the Game Bar menu will pop-up with various features and functions option.

•    The Game bar works best with the Window 10 Microsoft Store games because the games from it are already enabled with the Game bar to use.

•    The feature also works with various Win32 games in Full-screen mode. If it does not work then you can try to use your game in windowed mode, or use the Game Bar hotkeys.

•    The Game Bar in Windows 10 works with all of your Windows 10 app either they are from Microsoft Store or Universal Windows Platform, or even if not a game.

•    This will not work in classic apps like Spotify and enabling Game Bar on some games or apps might impact its performance.

Guide for using the Windows 10 Game Bar:

Once you launch the Game Bar, this will free your mouse cursor. Move your mouse cursor over the controls to view its job and hotkeys.

1.    The ‘Settings’ icon at the top right corner allows you to do some extra settings.

2.    The controls in the ‘Game capturing’ section are the quick buttons for capturing.

•    The “Camera icon” button is for taking the screenshot.

•    The “Round Arrow Record icon” button is for clip capture.

•    The “Record icon” is for start recording.

•    The “Mic icon” button is for enabling and disabling microphone for recording.

•    The last “Broadcast icon” button is for streaming.

3. ‘Show all captures’ button open your captured screen.

4. And from ‘Audio section,’ you can adjust the sound for various devices and apps.

How to Configure Game DVR

There are numerous settings you can tweak to improve your capturing experience. Here is how to access them:

1.    Launch the ‘Start menu’ on your computer.

2.    Click the ‘Cog’ icon and launch settings.

3.    From the settings menu, select ‘Gaming’ and click on ‘Game DVR.’

Game DVR menu is on right tweak the settings as you want.

How to use the Game Bar within the games

If you’re in a game, you directly open the Game Bar. And from the Game Bar, you can do a few more settings.

1.    Press ‘Windows + G’ key to access the Game Bar inside the game.

2.    Then click on the ‘Settings’ icon.

That’s it! Now, change your game bar theme, disable or enable your microphone, and more.

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